“Understanding UML” training

Level 1

MC2 Innovations offers trainings in business and technology, which will enable your company to make critical decisions in the adoption of the latest technologies and utilization of well-proven approaches in IT projects.

Introductory training:

  • What is modelling, object-oriented approach and which key aspects of UML make it a universal tool for IT projects?
  • How to precisely describe structures and expected behaviours of the system?
  • How to achieve a consistent and standardised form of communication within your business and technical teams?
  • How to use key modelling techniques of UML in a practical way in order to efficiently collaborate with the IT development teams?
  • How to solve real project challenges using UML based upon examples and training exercises?
  • How to document diagrams and links between them using IT software (Sparx Enterprise Architect)?

Our experts will help you train your leaders and employees. This knowledge will serve you as a navigation tool in the emerging landscape of new digital technologies and will allow for efficient delivering of business value with a use of worldwide standards in your IT projects.

The training offer is closely linked to the number of participants. Please contact us for details or if you have any further questions: [email protected]