The MC2 Innovations team consists of professionals whose combined knowledge, experience and energy allows them to provide IT services at the highest level. For years, we have been executing complex projects and implementations in both the private and public sectors, including the Ministry of Digitization and MC2 Solutions, and earlier, each of us gained experience and managed IT projects in various sectors of the economy. We carry out projects for organizations of all sizes, aiming at their modernization and increasing their efficiency. Our solutions improve the quality of their products and services and support cost and price reductions.

Deep knowledge of the specifics of the Polish market gives us a detailed picture of infrastructural possibilities and limitations, and also allows us to operate effortlessly within the legislative area. But first of all, we focus on the needs of entrepreneurs and institutions, follow global market trends and explore the ever-growing potential of applications in today's digital revolution. In recent months, we have conducted project implementations in the sectors such as media and entertainment, finance and banking, as well as health care. Our goal is to be a sustainable innovation leader and to achieve breakthrough change.